Q: The Grinch

PAX: Cousin Eddie
The Grinch



SSHx 10
Arm circles x 10
Toe touch for 30 seconds

The Thang:

Leisurely jog around the church for a nice 1/2 mile warm up. THEN….PAX grabbed 2 coupons each and headed for the trench and completed 4 sets of the following.

Squats with 1 coupon x 10
Manmakers with coupon x 5
Gravediggers x 10
Bent over rows x 10
After each exercise, the PAX would carry both coupons from one side on the trench to the other, and begin the ne t exercise. After all 4 exercises were completed, the PAX ran one lap around the perimeter of the Trench.

Finished at exactly 6:00am…

Prayer requested followed by pledge.

This workout will be performed again for those that missed it. Ha!