Q: Cousin Eddie

PAX: Beach Body, Q-Tip, Space Jam, ER, Maestro, Cousin Eddie

INTRO:Disclaimer, Principals, Motto
WARM-O-RAMA: Cousin Eddie’s Favorite
15 little arm circles
15 ” ” reverse
15 big arm circles
15 ” ” reverse
Samson hold
15 chinooks
15 bear hugs
15 daisy pickers
15 hillbillies

THE THANG: Extreme Cousin Eddie’s
4 pushups at one side of the parking space, 4 squats at the other, also during the workout each man was able to yell out a single time for the PAX to hit 3 Burpees, though I think we only got 5 rounds instead of 6.. you know who you are.
49 spaces in total. 196 of each, plus the entire crew jumped in for the 6 to get 200+
after beating the men down and getting them to lower their guards I laid what I am currently going through in my marriage with them and challenged them to truly evaluate their marriage, their family, and their walk with God. I never want any man I know to go through the pain and the struggle I am currently in.
Mosey to Mary
30 LBC
15 Hello Dolly
15 Box Cutters
20 LBC
10 Hello Dolly
10 Box cutters

Announcements – will be posted in Slack
Prayer/Praise – Cousin Eddie and his family, ER’s M with her low blood pressure and BPM, Beach Body and his incoming 2.0.