Q: Rainbow Row

PAX: ER, Beachbody, Peleton, Cousin Eddie, Rooster

Intro, Disclaimer, Core Principles
The Warm Up
– 40 SSH OYO
– 10 bear hugs IC
– 10 LAC IC
– 10 BAC IC
– 10 Daisy Pickers IC
– 10 Merkins OYO
– 10 squats OYO
– 10 each leg lunge OYO
– Mosied over to coupons

The Thang
– Carried coupons to back stairs of the church.
– Divided into 3 teams of 2
– YHC presented pax with 4 exercises, merkins, squats, bent over rows, and kettle bell swings. Each team is responsible to accomplish 100 reps for each exercise. One teammate runs up the stairs, tags the church wall and runs back, approximately 20 yards, and do that 2x. While he is running the other teammate is working through the exercises. When the 2 laps are completed, teammates swap and the one who was just running takes over for reps. Rinse and repeat till all exercises are completed. At times, some of the pax modified due to injury or on-setting merlots.

Once complete, the pac circled up for some Circle of Pain

First exercise of CoP, was all pax assume Al Gore position, and pax to YHC left started with one squat, followed by the next pax, and so on and so forth until the circle completed one rep. Next we went to 2 reps, rinse and repeat until the circle completed 4 reps. Did the same method with curls and then mountain climbers.

Mosied back to brick yard to drop off coupons. After beat down, pax was moving fairly slow, so by the time we got back to the flag only 2 minutes were left for Mary.

– 6 inches for one minute
– LBCs AMRAP 1 min

– Prayer Requests
– Prayer
– Pledge