Q: Duke

PAX: Elmer
Cousin Eddie

INTRO: Welcome, 5 Core Principles, Credo, Disclaimer, Mission Statement


YHC believes everyone needs a good laugh on Fridays, so these exercise names are designed to make you laugh:

Manatees 10 OYO
Richard Simmons 10 IC
Monkey Humpers 10 IC
Alligator Merkins 10 OYO
Hairy Rockettes 10 IC
Gorilla Humpers 10 IC


Indian Run around the church back toward the coupons.

At the rear of the church, YHC stopped the group and reminded them that the New Year was coming up Sunday and to think about what they wanted to accomplish in the New Year. Balance, struggling with one of the Fs, etc. PAX then Bernied the rest of the way to the coupon stack. Cusack to the soccer field.

Farmers Carry from one side of the field to the other. Right arm and then left on the way back.

Coupons stay at the beginning. 11s with a wrinkle. The wrinkle happens when you get back to the start line. PAX Choice for 10 reps with the coupon to move on to the next level of exercises. 11s include Hello Dollys and Foxholes. PAX run down to the designated end and do 10 Hello Dollys and 1 Foxhole (WWI Situp and rollover to do a merkin). They run back and perform 10 reps with the coupon. Then it’s 9 Hello Dollys and 2 Foxholes, etc. Suggested coupon exercises include overhead presses, reverse curls, among others; however, PAX are welcome to do 10 of whatever they like with the coupons.

Continue until time is called. PAX hustled and made themselves 1% better!


Foxhole 10 OYO
Heels to Heaven 10 OYO
PAX Choice:
Elmer: 6 inches OYO
Maestro: Dying Cockroach 10 IC


Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.

Announcements – The Pound AO opens up at the Monroe County Recreation Department on Monday, January 2.
Polar Plunge at the Yard on Monday, January 2. Ruck at the Complex on Saturdays (pop up until 2/4).

Prayer/Praise – Beach Body’s M (30 weeks pregnant, back spasms), ER’s daughter making up a math final for her college class, Duke’s heading back to work next week with a new crop of students.

Pray it Out.

Pledge it Out.