Q: Dill

PAX: Beachbody
Cousin Eddie

Welcome, Disclaimer, Credo

To get in the Christmas spirit YHC played Santa Claus is coming to town by Jackson 5. Pax ran in place and every time “Santa Claus” (20 times) was sung Pax did an Air Squat.

Big Arm Circle 8 IC
Imperial Walker 8 IC
Bear Hug 8 IC
Daisy Picker 8 IC
Chinook 8 IC

Mosey to Field

The Thang:
YHC announced he was 9 days post-marathon. Pax started groaning and I believe I heard a few start praying to God before I could even tell them what the workout consisted of.
I guess it wasn’t hard to figure out cardio was the name of the game today.

26.2 Challenge
Cones were spaced out .1 miles apart. Pax would start by doing 26 SSH on one end and mosey to the other end and perform 25 SSH. This would continue in descending order until to zero. Many Pax completed the 351 SSH and 2.62 miles in the allotted time.

In honor of Jesus’ birth coming up Pax performed the following Mary exercises
Hello Dolly 12 IC
LBC’s 24 OYO
Hello Dolly 12 IC
LBC’s 24 OYO
Hello Dolly 8 IC
LBC’s 12 OYO

Count-a Rama, Name-o-Rama
Announcements: Scrape is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Christmas Eve Eve ruck. Hoodie Challenge at The Scrape Wednesday
Prayer/Praise: Puma was our “6th” man. Shared that he is an immigrant from Mexico and comes to F3 for the exercise, to fellowship with other Christians, and to learn to speak English. Prayer for the Christmas season, safe travels, and for us pax of F3 to be better Husbands and Fathers.