Q: Rainbow Row

PAX: Back Draft (FNG), ER, Space Jam, Cousin Eddie, Newman, Run Flat, Maestro, Rooster, Rainbow Row

Ode to the Christmas Tree

Intro – 5 Core Principles, Creedo, Disclaimer (it was identified later that YHC failed to recite the Mission Statement)

– 25x IC SSH
– 15x IC Daisy Pickers
– 10x IC Bear Hugs
– 15x OYO Merkins
– 15x IC Little arm circles, reverse 15 more
– 15x IC Big arm circles
– 5x OYO burpees

Mosied around the parking lot, then over to the soccer field and each ox acquired a coupon

Pax circled up with their coupon and YHC briefed the workout named the “Ode to the Christmas Tree”

Round 1 (the base of the tree):
5 exercises, Hand-Release-Merkins, Jump Squats, Push Press (w/ coupon), Burpees, Flutter kicks. Each exercise 10 reps each.

Round 2 (moving up the tree):
Pax is able to vote to drop one exercise, but the 4 exercises left are now 20 reps each. Pax voted to drop burpees (surprise)

Round 3:
Same as round 2, pax decided to drop push press. So now they are left to perform, HRM, Jump squats, flutter kicks, 30 reps each

Round 4:
Down to 2 exercises, Jump squats and flutter kicks, 40 reps each.

Round 5:
Much discussion on which one to do 50 reps, Run Flat threatened to merlot around Round 3 from jump squats, so the pax decided to keep jump squats. 50 reps to finish at the top of the tree.

Returned coupons and Mosied back to flag,

6 inches for one minute to box cutter for 20, then 25 LBCs OYO

Pax was no longer cold, but wet feet, wet six, wet belly, proved to be a good beat down for all.

Count-a-Rama, Name-a-Rama, one new FNG Back Draft, announcements, prayer, pledge.

Special thanks to Run Flat and Maestro for gracing us with their presence. It was great to get a good crowd today to push men and be pushed by men.