Q: Beach Body

PAX: Beach Body(Q, VQ), ER, Rainbow Row, Run Flat, CDO, Tatter Salad, Peloton, Itzy Bitzy (FNG!)


“This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice, be glad in it, and get with it.”

“I’m licensed to sell drugs and stab people, but I am not a professional”, F3 and CBC not responsible, you are here of your own accord, exercises are suggestions. Modify to not hurt yourself.

5 Principles, Purpose, Credo


Little Baby Circles (forward)-10 IC
Squat-15 OYO
Little Baby circles (reverse)-10 IC
Lunges-10 each leg OYO
Bear Hugs-10 IC
Monkey Humpers-20 OYO (Fast as you can)
Big Arm Circles (Forward)-10 IC
Hillbillies-15 each leg IC
Big Arm Circles (Reverse)-10 IC
Imperial Walkers-15 each leg IC

Mosey to front of church


The Crazy 8

Little Circle: Modified Doc Ock’s Octagon of Pain-8 count of exercise at each cone, lunge walk to next cone when done, circle up and hold Al Gore until everyone gets there

Cone 1. Mericans
Cone 2. Squats
Cone 3. SSH
Cone 4. Monkey Humpers
Cone 5. Lunges both legs
Cone 6. On 6, Flutter Kicks
Cone 7. Imperial Walkers both legs
Cone 8. Hillbillies both legs

Big Circle: Triple Threat
Run around big circle to each cone and preform exercise
Cone 1. 30 Mericans
Cone 2. 20 Squats
Cone 3. 10 SSH

Mosey back to flag

CoP: Father Abraham-hold plank position, on Q command raise Right arm, hold
Repeat with Left Arm, Right leg, Left Leg, about 30 seconds each time.

(Peloton took over while Beach Body enjoyed some Merlots)

Lunge walk 8 parking spaces there and back, then 10 Mericans, repeat 7 down to 1, 10 Mericans each time

(Beach Body resumes Qing)


Freddie Mercurys 30 OYO
Again 20 each, 10 each
Not So Lazy Boy-30 seconds
American Hammer 10 each side OYO

Run Flat finished us out with:

Plank jacks 20, 15, 10, 5 OYO-hold plank in between each rep
Mountain climber 20 OYO


Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, Announcements: 500 mile challenge, Gobbler Challenge
Pray Request/Praises:
Back packing trip for Run Flat and Cousin Eddie, pray for Hurricane Nicole to turn tail, Elmer’s recovery and kids, Simulator’s recovery. Thanks to Run Flat and Peloton for picking up the 6. Run Flat gave some Qing wisdom, prayer, pledge.