PAX: 0


– SSH IC x20
– Daisy Picker IC x10
– Imperial Walker IC x10
– Arm Circles Forward IC X10
– Arm Circles Reverse IC x10
– Arm Circles Chinooks IC x10

– Cousin Eddie modified the thang to allow for an active recovery by rucking w/ weighted ruck around the AO
– Other PAX Moseyed to the center of the concrete pad to celebrate the start of college basketball season and the Carolina Tar Heels great coach Dean Smith, who popularized the time stalling tactic of 4 corners.
– Start in center, run to the corners and complete exercises before returning to center. Starting with C1: 16, C2: 15 C3: 14, C4: 13; each time in the center 4 burpees. Reps continue to decrease with each round. Complete 4 rounds

Center: Burpees
Corner 1: Chris Paul Plank Punch
Center: Burpees
Corner 2: Merkins
Center: Burpees
Corner 3: Gerald Henderson Elbow
Center: Burpees
Corner 4: LBC

Total Reps
– Chris Paul Plank Punch: 40
– Merkins: 36
– Gerald Henderson Elbow: 32
– LBC: 28
– Burpees: 64


– Flutter Kicks: 20
– American Hammers: 10
– Flutter Kicks: 20
– American Hammers: 10

Mission / COT
– Count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements, and shout-out/words of wisdom.

– We can’t expect to grow or lead in our life unless we have a solid foundation. We aren’t meant to “stall” with our time so let’s focus on growing starting with the the 4 corners of spiritual growth are: Worship, Bible Study, Fellowship, Ministry/Evangelism…

– Beachbody added great insights that the 5 piece is prayer that should be done during and between each of the 4 corners

– Cousin Eddie’s lingering cough and ability to participate in the Ingleside Men’s Hike
– Beachbody’s cousins as they are facing the anniversary of their mother’s death
– Rainbow Row’s leadership in church’s men’s Bible study

6th MAN (4th this time to keep with the 4 corners theme)
– Peloton: outnumbered with all girls in his family. F3 gives an opportunity to 1) fellowship with other men and 2) set the example to family and fellow cyclists in pursuit of fitness