Q: Bewyack

Cousin Eddie
Beach body
Tater salad

It was great to get down with the scrape this morning! Elmer being tough as nails got with it after passing a kidney stone the day before!! Aye!!
This morning was a rip from a fella I have much respect for
I set an emom for every minute for the 45 that we would be working as an indicator for 3 burpees
After the first 3 Yhc gave a quick disclaimer and we said the 5 core was time for …
3 burpees
This went on for the entire 45 min so we mixed in coupon work and moseying and Bernie sanders and ssh and more coupon love never neglecting to hit our 3 burpees every single minute for a grand total of 135 burpees. Great effort men

A little Tony Robbins sermonette was provided by yhc and then we

Named – thanks to the reminder from tater

Gobbler challenge in the morning at fpd and Mary persons at 515!!
Pop up workouts were discussed and rucks were too

Praise Jesus for Elmer gettin so much better
Praying for everyone traveling
God is good men!