Q: Rainbow Row

PAX: ER, Mayflower, CDO, Peloton, Uncle Eddie, Beach Body

Disclaimer & Mission Statement

It was dang cold so 50 SSH OYO to get warm
Wind Mills IC x 14
Daisy Pickers IC x 14
Little Arm Circles IC x 10, then reverse x 10
Big Arm Circles IC x 10, then reverse x 10
Bear Hugs IC x 10
Merkins IC x 10
Squats OYO x 15
Burpees OYO x 10


Mosey over to the field house each pax grabbed a brick

Circled up and executed 10 Blerkins (block merkin), 10 curls, 10 military press x 3 rounds

Mosied over to the pad 15ea LBCs and Flutter kicks

Mosied with brick back to field and lined up on the goal line. The mission was: 10 Blurpees (burpees with a block) and then 1 kettlebell swing. Move 5 yards with brick, then 10 squats and 1 x 4ct mountain climber. Then moved 5 yards forward, then performed 9 blurpees and 2 kettlebell swings. 5 yards more forward then 9 squats and 2 mountain climbers. Then repeat until pax moved down the field and reached 5 blurpees and 6 kb swings. Turned around and computer the rest of the mission to 1 blurpees and 10 kb swings and 1 squat and 10 mountain climbers.

Mosied back to flag at 5:58 for a condensed Mary. Pax held 6 inches for 1 minute.

Finished up with countarama, namearama, and a quick discussion on trials and comfort. Choosing to walked up, get out of the fartsack, show up in the gloom at 5:15 in 35 degrees is a self induced trial that will produce perseverance and steadfastnesses. Move is out of our comfort zone so God can do great work in us, prepare us to be men who lead and stand ready for more trials.

Ended with COT, prayer pledge.

After pledge Q offered an F2/3 half mile run to log some miles for the 500 mile challenge. 6 pax participated.

AYE! -Rainbow Row