Q: Buick

PAX: Cdo
Space jam
Rainbow row
Beach body
Tater salad
Run flat
Lazy dog
Cousin eddy

5 core principles with punishment
20 burpees
Mission statement

Burpees 10
Monkey humpers 10 ic in which run flat impregnated the asphalt
Merkins 20 ic
Lunge 20
Bear hugs ic
Hill Billy’s 10 ic
SSH 24 ic
Burpees 10
Merkins 20 ic
Lbc 30
Gas pumps 20 ic
Bear hugs ic
Burpees 10
Freddy mercury 15 ic
Heel touches 20 ic
Monkey humpers 10 ic
SSH 10 ic
Burpees 5
Shoulder taps 14 ic
Lunge 20
Prison squats 20 ic
Little arm circles front ic – don’t drop arms
Little arm circles back ic – don’t drop arms
Big arm circles front ic – don’t drop arms
Big arm circles back ic – don’t drop arms
Chinooks ic
Bear hugs ic
Burpees 5
6” to 12”
Heels to heaven 20
Hello Dollie’s ic
Burpees 5
Merkins 10 ic

Burpees 10
Lbc 30
Hi plank to low plank

March 25 is the adventure race in macon – see slack for details. Train hard and let’s get several f3 teams (pax) there and spread the word about what is so great about a free workout at 515 am!

Praise Jesus that our kids are pulling through these issues – specifically that Kinsey isn’t appearing to be actually suffering from seizures.


HIM – way to show up this morning!! Satan hates it that you beat the fart sack and bettered yourself this morning! Continue to be intentional about your day and check in with your m. Tell her you love her. Ask how you can help her. She is begging for a hero and you are it!
Hot dang I’m still pumped about having not run one step – ima get me some more burpees!!!
Have a great day men