Q: Roll Tide

PAX: One Hit, Maestro, Szcerbiak R), Geppetto, ER, Tater Salad, Help Desk (FNG), Lazy dog, Beach Body, Rainbow Row, Peleton, Roll Tide, Xerox

The first truly cold morning of the year always feels different. YHC struggled to sleep in anticipation of the clown car to another city. Launches are always super exciting. Would the beatdown be to hard or worse to easy. So we went deep in the backblast to unearth YHC’s first post ever in F3Alpha and blend it with Day 1 of F3Macon. The outcome was as follows:

Per Maestro’s request we moseyed in a circle like Ricky Bobby until the PAX were warm or dizzy…?…

SSH x 10 ic
Bear Hug x 10 ic
Don Quixotes x 10 ic

mosey over to some stairs and circle up in a plank.
each man did 7 merkins while the others held the plank
then we went down to 3 merkins
then to 1
then to 1

From there we did the wave with jump squats for 5 rounds or maybe 6.

Mosey back to the flag for some partner work.
P1 flutter kicks while P2 bear crawls 3 parking spots and does 11 burpees
P2 then bear crawls 3 spots and does 10 burpees while P1 does Flutter kicks
Rinse and repeat down to 1 burpee.

Quick note about core principles and teamwork making the dreamwork while we caught our breath.

Mosey back to the golf cart parking area.

Find a new partner and this time do
P1 – 10 zebra kicks
P2 – 10 star jacks
then flap jack like:
P1 – 1 star jack
P2 – 1 zebra kick
all the way to 10 and 1 in the other direction.

Mosey back to the flag again for 6MOM

Canoe/Kayak duck hunting adventure
Box Cutter x 10 ic
LBC x 7 ic

COT/ Name – a – rama

Cousin Eddy
Celebrate F3WR
Sit with the tension a little longer because it will pass.
Fellow from Macon Rocks that fell and is critical.