Q: Dill

PAX: Dill, Sketch, Duke, Breadbox, Tater, Elmer, Myrtle (Respect 2X), Beachbody, Rainbow Row, Simulator, Mayflower(FNG), Pinto

Welcome, Disclaimer, 5 core principles, Mission Statement, Creed

Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins- SSH until Danger zone then do 1 squat rinse and repeat for entirety of song

Bear Hug IC 10
Chinook IC 10
Daisy Picker IC 10
Big Arm Circle IC 10
Overhead Claps IC 10
Seal Claps IC 10
Quad Stretch IC 5

Partnered Up and moseyed with a coupon to field

The Thang:
Bunny 1-2-3 (Dora found a new pet after Iron Pax)

Partner 1 does exercises while Partner 2 does Murder Bunnies for 10yds frontwards and backwards.

100- Merkins
200- Squats
300- Hello Dolly

EMOM Timer goes off both partners have to stop 2 Kraken Burpees. Every 4 Minutes

Pax dominated workout so had time for COP of 10 Monkey humpers before Mary


Freddy Mercury IC 20
Flutter Kick IC 15
LBC’s OYO 20
Gas Pumps IC 15
E2K (both sides) OYO 20

Count-a Rama, Name-o-Rama
Announcements: 2.0 family event October 22nd, WR Beatdown Monday/Wednesday, 2F in Forsyth November 5th
Prayer/Praise: Prayers for Pax to become better husband/fathers. Tater Salad was our 6th man, will be retiring from service after 20 years. We thank you for your service and are praying for what’s next for you brother 👊🏻