Q: Beach Body

PAX: Beach Body, ER, Backdraft, Rainbow Row, Cousin Eddie, The Grinch, Elmer


Disclaimer, 5 Principles, Credo, mission statement


It was a cold, wet morning, and the Q was feeling the “I don’t wanna get up” bug this a.m. Suspecting similar feelings among the Pax, Q decided to make a venture to the islands so we could establish a can “do” attitude. Pax jogged in place while listening to “Volcano” by Jimmy Buffet, and did jump squats while shouting “I DO” when the Pirate King of the parrot heads sang “I don’t know” and “I don’t wanna go”. 33 Jump squats in total. After that rousing warm up we did:

Little Arm Circles (F and R)-10 IC
Big Arm circles (F and R)- 10 IC
Chanuks-10 IC
Bear Hugs-10 IC
Imperial Walkers-15 IC
Hillbillies-15 IC
Lunges-15 Both Legs OYO


Mosey to back church steps for:

CoP-hold squat/Al Gore, Do 5 SSH around the circle one man at a time, then again 4,3,2,1

Mosey to corner of church, looked at cameras, smiled, and did:

Monkey Humpers-20 OYO FAP

Mosey to front of church for:

Triple Threat-Run a third of the big parking lot circle and do 30 Mericans, run another third and then do 30 squats, then complete the circle and do 30 SSH. Repeat with 20 of each exercise, then 10. Three times around the circle is ~3/4 of a mile. Some of the Pax took an extra lap to help the six.

Returned to flag a few minutes early for Mary so we did 5 burpees because that’s what Buick would do.

LBC 30, 20, 10 OYO
Freddie Mercury’s IC 10, 7, 5
American Hammer-10 each side OYO
Not So Lazy Boy-30 seconds
American Hammer-10 each side OYO

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama

Announcements: Cantrell 5k is Feb. 25, Ruck at the Complex this Saturday, looking for someone to lead an evening pop-up ruck at the Complex. The Marriage Voyage Conference is Feb. 10-11 at Central Baptist Church (The Scrape AO).

Prayers/Praises: Rainbow Row’s 2.0 Stone has sign-off from Dr. from MRI, ER’s M has bad nausea, Cousin Eddie’s 2.0 has strep throat , Beach Body’s M has good glucose numbers from pregnancy diabetes monitoring.

Pax discussed how HIM are “I do” men: we “do” when others “don’t”. We discussed the need for places for men to speak openly as men about men issues like purity of thought and the lust of the eye, and how F3 can serve as that kind of place for us.

Pray Out


Shout out to The Grinch for running to and from the AO today to get home. That inspires Q to keep up his weekly 5k training.