PAX: Beachbody
Cousin Eddie
Rainbow Row

Four HIM bravely and successfully defeated the fartsack and engaged the internal conflict of breaking the status quo of the mundane world. While hesitant they accepted the call becoming better men of faith, leaders, husbands, dads, and public servants. After a quick reminder that they were there on their own free will and the appropriate disclaimers were announced the press forward with the task at hand. Unfortunately two HIM were still dealing with war wounds of the past couple beat downs so this so YHC reminded to modify all exercises as needed.

After a quick update (cleared for further adventures) of the MRI for Rainbow Row’s 2.0 the HIM stepped across the threshold of no return and began with the WARM-O-RAMA.

– Daisy Pickers IC 15
– Bearhugs IC 15
– Daisy Pickers IC 15
– Bearhugs IC 15

They continued their quest by advancing in a “Dice of Gloom” quest in Pole Position. Together they moseyed around AO perimeter stopping at every other light pole to take our chance at the 12 sided exercise dice…all praying that it doesn’t land on the 15 burpees. Fate was not on their side as burpees were chosen multiple times. All in all they covered over just about 2 miles and endured:

– Multiple: Mountain Climbers x 20
– Multiple: Freddie Mercury x 24
– Multiple: Merkins x 15
– Multiple: Burpees x 15
– Multiple: Reverse crunch (gas pumps) x 24
– Multiple: Lunges x 15
– People’s Chair: 1 minute
– Squats x 15
– Wild Card: LBC x 30

As if it were written in a script the Dice of Gloom landed on the perfect exercise for MARY
– Plank x 1 minute
– Box cutters x 20
– Flutter Kicks X 20
– Daisy Pickers IC 15
– Bearhugs IC 15

The heroes survived the gloom and were rewarded by entering the cherished Circle of Trust.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
– Confirmed we didn’t leave any man behind AND leave any man where we found him

– Saturday Ruck at the Complex

– Beachbody: with transitioning to adding a new 2.0 in the near future; specifically health for both
– Rainbow Row: Great MRI for 2.0 and the “clearance” to resume sports activities; prayer for continued health as he active with everything sports
– Cousin Eddie: upcoming support on his M’s middle school choral and drama concerts
ER: Discernment in guiding oldest 2.0 through college selection process