Q: Cousin Eddie

PAX: Cousin Eddie, ER, Beach Body

INTRO: Disclaimer, Core Principals
Cardinal’s V-Q
15- Side Straddles Hops
10- Tempo Merkins*
10- Flutter Kicks Double Count
10- Little Baby Arm Circles Forward
10- “ “ Backward
10- Hallujahs
20 Sec. Samson Hold*
10-Knoxville Cherry Pickers*
10-Willie Mayes Hayes

2×5-Burpees, Big Boys, Heels to Heaven – run across parking lot to light – Moment of silence after the first round
2×10- Burpees, LBC, Mountain Climbers – run across parking lot to light
2×15- Burpees, air squats, Freddy Mercury’s – run across parking lot to light
2×20- Burpees
3x run across parking lot to light.

15 American hammers
15 Hello Dollie’s
15 Freddie mercury
15 dying cockroach
10 American hammers
10 Hello Dollie’s
10 Freddie mercury
10 dying cockroach
Thought: how are we loving/treating our M’s and 2.0s. How would they feel/be in the event that we should fall during the workout or our current life? Are we still “Dating” our M?

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama(Cardinal’s only).
Announcements – None
Prayer/Praise – Beach Body M pregnancy, ER 2.0 in the point of life where big decisions are being made for the future. Cousin Eddie for energy.