Q: Beach Body

PAX: Beach Body (Q), ER, Rainbow Row, Backdraft, Cousin Eddie


F3 and CBC not responsible, you are here of your own accord, exercises are suggestions. Modify to not hurt yourself.


Friday the 13th can still be Fun Friday! It’s our lucky day to listen to “Friday” by Rebecca Black. Jog in place and do SSH for ‘Friday’ and Bear Hugs for ‘fun’ when you hear it. Song was 3 minutes and 30 seconds of audible misery that will be stuck in our heads all workout and through the weekend.

Little Baby Circles (forward)-10 IC
Squat-15 OYO
Little Baby circles (reverse)-10 IC
Lunges-10 each leg OYO
Big Arm Circles (Forward)-10 IC
Monkey Humpers-20 OYO (Fast as you can)
Big Arm Circles (Reverse)-10 IC
Imperial Walkers-15 each leg IC
Bear Hugs-10 IC
Hillbillies-15 each leg IC


Mosey to back of church
People’s Chair (PC) approx 30 sec.
5 Merikans OYO
PC 30 sec
5 Burpees OYO
PC 30 secs
PC 30 secs
Squats 10 OYO
PC 30 sec
Flutter Kicks 15 each leg IC
PC 30 sec
Lunge 15 each leg OYO

CoP hold squat/Al Gore, do Squat jump around circle×7times

Mosey to pain shed to aquire coupons

Instead of 11s we used the date as means to accelerate, so we did 13s instead.

Bent-Over Rows×1,
run to other side of concrete pad,
Up 1 down 1 until
BOR×12 and SSHx1

2 coupon laps around concrete pad

Return coupons to shed and Mosey to Mary


LBC 30, 20, 10 OYO
Freddie Mercurys BL IC 10, 7, 5
American Hammer-10 each side OYO
Not So Lazy Boy-30 seconds
American Hammer-10 each side OYO

Count-O-Rama, Name-o-Rama,
Announcements: 2.0 Event at Macon Rocks tonight, Cantrell 5k sign ups w/ Beach Body
Prayer/Praise: Rainbow Row’s 2.0 has MRI scheduled today for his back, Beach Body’s M continues to have back pain, ER was able to find replacement car for his 2.0.

During the workout, Pax discussed how F3 is disruptive to the normal activities most men today are doing (early wake ups, tough excercise, openess in CoT, etc.) and how its purposefully tough so as to help men accelerate. We appreciated that we come out not just for ourselves but for the man on our left and right. We also discussed Cardinal and the need for things like CPR training and possibilities to learn that skill.