Q: Bull

PAX: Duke, Dill, Rubber, Slowpoke, Palladean(R), Bull

Intro, Disclaimer, Mission, Core Principles, Creed. Warmup- Alarm Clocks 5 OYO, Daisy Pickers 10 IC, SSH 10 IC, WMH 10 OYOY.
The Thang- Mosey to top parking lot. Since I’ve had to endure number lessons from these math guys YHC decided to give a History lesson. 1st stop, 1607 Jamestown 16 Plank Jacks 7 Burpees, mosey 100yds, 1692 Salem Witch Trials 16 Merkins 92 SSH, mosey 100yds, 1776 Declaration of Independence 17 squats 76 LBCs, mosey 100yds, War of 1812 18 mountain climbers 12 Merkins, mosey 100yds, 1861 Civil War 18 Mountain Climbers 61 LBCs, mosey 100yds, 1929 Black Tuesday 19 squats 29 Flutter Kicks, mosey 100yds, 1941 Pearl Harbor 19 Merkins 41 Mountain Climbers, mosey 100yds, 4/12/45 Roosevelt Died, 4 Burpees, 12 squats, 41 LBCs. Valuable and some useless information was shared about each historical event
Indian Run back to Mary
Mary- 20 Alternating shoulder taps, 20 Box Cutters, 10 Nolan Ryans, 6 inches for time.
Announcements- a lot of running events coming up
Prayer Requests- nothing particular just general well being