Q: Bewyack

PAX: Ronaldo (fng)

The pound!

Mosey for 10 min – it was Yhc first time at the pound so we did a little pavement exploration mosey which did nothing but make us colder rather than warm us up
Fire drill for 10

Since there was a game on last night Yhc decided to go a different route and focus on the music side of it rather than the typical hi light stuff like – the score 😂

Trivia – who sang America the beautiful? Baby face
Correct answer – 20 burpees oyo
Incorrect – 30 burpees – and wouldn’t you know it we did 30!!

Bear crawl for 10 parking spots
Who sang the national anthem?
Chris stapeleton
Correct answer 30 Bonnie Blair’s the hard way (60)
Incorrect 40 the hard way (80)
We got that one correct – guess we got some country music fans.

What’s our 5 core?
Lunge walk back the 10 spaces
SSH ic
Mexican jumping bean 20 oyo
Who sang the black national anthem ? Sheryl Lee Ralph
Correct answer suicides ish for 10 rounds
Incorrect – 15 rounds
Missed this one too. We have to follow Maestro’s lead in knowing that we are open to ALL men.

Who was the halftime performer
Correct – 50 t merkins
Incorrect – 100 regular
Yhc switched this one up and decided that we would do merkins for 2 min and the winner got a reward.
Our winner was sag with 76 – his reward – semi crisp hi five

Lbc ic for 10
Box cutter 10
Tossed to sag for flutter kicks for 15
Lbc 25 oyo

Announcements – f3 middle ga is growing again!! Planting a new flag at new providence church on hwy 41 north on Tuesday and Thursday. Will be named “the big house”

Prayer – f3 to continue to grow and thrive