Q: Run Flat

PAX: Slowpoke
Run Flat

5 Core Principles
Mission Statement
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Big Arm Circles Forward IC x12
Big Arm Circles Reverse IC x12
Daisey Pickers IC x15
Bear Hugs IC x12

Moseyed 50 feet to the middle row of parking spaces for 11’s – Paula Abdul style (2 steps forward, 1step back).

– Bear Crawl 2 parking spaces forward, do 10 Merkins, then crawl bear back 1 space, do 1 Merkin.
– Bear Crawl 2 parking spaces forward, do 9 Merkins, then crawl bear back 1 space, do 2 Merkins.
– Bear Crawl 2 parking spaces forward, do 8 Merkins, then crawl bear back 1 space, do 3 Merkins.

You know the drill. This was a rough way to start the morning, but everyone was warmed up and had completed 110 Merkins, Bear Crawled 200′, and Crawl Bear 100′ before 5:30.

Next, we circled up for BLIMPS in Bermuda Triangle fashion. We started out with 5 each of the below exercises. Once each round was complete, Pax were given the opportunity to vote on which exercise to drop, then the reps would increase by 5 until we were left with a single exercise for 30 reps.

Imperial Walkers
Plank Jacks
Side Straddle Hops

Pax chose to drop Burpees first. Unbeknownst to them, dropping the Burpees first is what dictated the next set of exercises after we finished the BLIMPS. In their defense, they did choose to drop them in order.

Being Burpees were dropped first, the next exercise was the Deconstructed Burpee! We practiced 4 movements that make up the Burpee. Merkins, Plank Hops, Squat Jumps, and Squats, then we practiced the full Burpee. We started with 10 reps for each and decreased by 2 each round.

Hand Release Merkins OYO x10
Plank Hop Extensions OYO x10
Squat Jumps OYO x10
Copperhead Squats IC x10
Burpees OYO x10

Hand Release Merkins OYO x8
Plank Hop Extensions OYO x8
Squat Jumps OYO x8
Copperhead Squats IC x8
Burpees OYO x8

Hand Release Merkins OYO x6
Plank Hop Extensions OYO x6
Squat Jumps OYO x6
Copperhead Squats IC x6
Burpees OYO x6

Time was up and it was time to mosey 50 feet back to Mary. Duke pointed out that his watch showed us only moving 0.3 miles this morning. Almost a 0.0.

We circled up and shared Mary. Each Pax called an exercise as we went around the circle. I believe we got in 8 different exercises before time was called.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
I don’t know why, but I’m really good about forgetting this when I Q. Thank you Men for picking up the 6 and not letting me.

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Weasel Shaker Challenge
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I tried to do it right and do prayer before pledge, but Ralph made me do it backwards 🙂

Prayer/Praise –
Prayers for healing hands, comfort in the passing of loved ones, coaches starting back this week, and open eyes to see precious opportunities for time with our families.