Q: Palledean

PAX: Dill, Duke

The forecast called for rain so I selected some appropriate music


Arm circles with the song taught me by my daughter Molly
Bear hug 20 IC
Windmill 15 IC

Steal my Sunshine

SSH and Hillbillies for song then
Burpee for each Sunshine. 27 I thing

Mosey parking lot
Merkins and BB sit-ups

Mosey to Playground
I had something fun planned for the Merry Go Round but when we got there I saw that ours doesn’t actually spin. Who knew? Guess we can blame that one on the attorneys

Improvised to
Dirken Amrap/burnout
with our feet way up on the Merry no go round while listening to Sunshine on My Shoulders

Mosey to Small soccer fields
Pyramid with 5 exercises sets of 5-10-15-20-15-10-5 was planned but we cut it short and only made it to 15
2 count flutter kick
Plank Jacks
Hold Plank until sixes each set
Sprint to other goal and back after each set

Towards the end I realized I forgot to finish the song and turns John Denver back on

Mosey to Mary
Another Denver song, then the Spotify algorithm had a glitch and played The Night Drove Old Dixie Down. This is what we arrived to Mary with and is actually a favorite of mine so we did:

Windmills 10 OYO
Squat Jumps 10 OYO

Then I realized that song is just too slow and stopped

Ain’t no Sunshine
Hold high Plank
Merkin for each Sunshine and I Know

Pax choice:
Duke : Foxhole 10 OYO
Dill : Gas Pumps 15 IC
Duke: Reverse Plank hold until 6

Prayed for Marriages and upcoming Marriage Enrichment events at 2 Macon Churches