Q: Maestro

PAX: Bewyak, Sloppy, OneHit, Juice, Myrtle (respect x2), Szcerbiack (respect), Free Bird, French Lick, Fun Run

INTRO: it was q school. And Red Dawn temps have been worse. I always enjoy q schools as they give us a chance to actually think about what we’re doing. take a look at the notes below. I said much of this during the workout. The beatdown is hidden in the notes

Keep things in order / process

Arrive early 5-10 minutes so that you can welcome everyone

Watch who’s there.. have you got a new guy!
Have you got some one that’s a little slower?
Be mindful

Welcome everyone by giving you f3 name
Welcome to F3 I’m maestro I’ll be the Q.
5 core principles
What’s the mission,
Plant serve grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership

1. you are not a professional
2. These exercise are only suggestions
3. Modify as you need to

Warm o Rama
Expect guys to do stretches before this as a time to get loose

Think about your workout if your chest heavy concentrate that on your warmo Rama

How to start an exercise

Be loud
Be confident
If you mess up keep going

With the in cadence it’s always one motion per movement

Next exercise is the bear hug

Starting position move

In cadence / on your own


Warm o Rama
Merkins IC 20
Imperial walkers ic 20
SSH (21’s)
Bear hugs
Big arm circles

Found a wall to do wall planks

Passed the rucks down and back
Rinse and repeat

Let’s mosey ruck to the practice field
4 corners

Kettle bell swings

Merkins 100

Over head press 100

Lunge 100
Most men almost made a complete lap but the 100 merkins with a pack was no joke!

When you finished head to the 6 man and do the workout with him
He leads his workout. You can ask them how many more reps they’re going but do not tell them they have to make it to 100. They may be modifying.

On modify we modify to prevent injury. We dont modify because we’re tired. We dont modify because you feel like it’s going to be hard.

When we move to the thang/ a routine give plenty of instruction

Think about how your going end and where will everyone be. Give instructions on how to wait on the six

Need to save 6 minutes for Mary call you routine for time so you can get in Mary.

The Mary went like this:

OH ruck flutter kicks 20
Freddie Mercury ic 20
LBC 20
Hello Dolly’s ic 25

The cot goes in this order
Count o Rama
Name o rama
6th man
Ask for prayer
Pray it out

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Patriot Games are coming!
Prayer/Praise – free bird was our 6th man
Sloppy shared a praise for their trip,