Q: French Lick

PAX: Maestro, Zuch, One Hit, Szcerbiack, Fun Run, Bewyak, Hacksaw, Gepetto, Myrtle, Huffy, FlowMax, BillieJean(FNG), Frenck Lick

Beatdown was held at Red Dawn
5 core principles

SSH- 20 IC
HillBillies- 20 IC
Burpees- 5 OYO

THE THANG: Meat Grinder Mile
Bear Crawl 20 yards > 20 OYO Lunges > Walk/ Jog 100 yards > 20 OYO Merkins > Walk/Jog the curve > 20 OYO Squats > Walk/Jog 100 yards > 20 OYO Shoulder Taps > Walk/Jog the curve. Rinse. Repeat
The goal was to complete 4 laps which most everyone completed. Great job Men!

American Hammer- 30 OYO
Freddie Mercury- 30 OYO
LBCs- 30 OYO
BigBoy sit-ups- 20 OYO
Plank hold for 1 minute

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Patriot Games coming soon, Grow Ruck event in Sept., It’s getting really hot this week, so stay hydrated!
Prayer/Praise –
Prayer- We lifted up the Guy Family (if anyone feels led to aide them please reach out to FlowMax), also Maestro’s son Grant and our very own Sloppy Joe are out in the mission field this week in Myrtle Beach, plus the all the unspoken prayers.