Q: Maestro

PAX: Hacksaw, Nature Boy, Myrtle (double r), Onehit,
Gepetto, Szcerbiack (respect), peaches (respect), Flowmax

INTRO:nice cool breeze to balance out the humid air this morning. We started right on the dot at 05:15 with a warm up divised by my daughter Merigail aka Little Martha. It was quick moseying around the campus today as there was a lot to get done.

Ruck Merkins ic 10
Ruck squats ic 10
Man Makers oyo 10
Ruck mosey to coupons

Farmers carry around the practice field. Myrtles favorite

Ruck mosey to Hill de Nacho
Partnered up:
One partner squats
Other partner Bernie sanders up the hill and perform 10 merkins 5 rounds

Circled up for a AMTAP high plank. Hacksaw was the last pax planking. Szcerbiack was a close second. Ruck moseyed half way back to the flags from the hill and last half did a cusack with our rucks for the last half.

Over head ruck flutter kick ic 20
Fredddie Mercury ic 10

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – get on slack/
The MURPH at 0700 and pre ruck at 0600 Memorial Day
Prayer/Praise – prayer for family needs, thankful for Gepetto making it back,
The Nature Boy was our 6th Man. Thanks for sharing.