Q: Peaches

PAX: Juice, maestro, hacksaw, one hit, gepetto, Myrtle ( FNG) welcome!

INTRO:Disclaimer, 5 Core Principles

21 SSH’s 7 Burpee penalty for not staying together during silent cadence. Come on Maestro. Bear hug, BAC, LAC. Chinooks, little shoulder work. 15 count IC. Ruck to coupons.

THE THANG: “All about the Benjamin’s”
Adds up to 100, with ruck. 25 curls. 25 Bear crawl steps. 25 Squats. 25 Bear crawl steps back to coupons. 25 overhead presses. 25 lunge walk steps. 25 mountain climbers. 25 lunges walks back to coupons. Ruck to football field for 11’s without ruck. Circled up for 5 wave Merkins to warm us up. 10 Merkins at Goal line. Jog to other goal line for 1 Burpee. Jog back to 10 yard line for 9 Merkins, jog to opposite 10 for 2 burpees. Rinse and repeat till at the 50. Ruck 2 laps around track with last 100 meters being AYG. Bear Crawl from curb to flag.

MARY: High plank for 10 count. Flutter kick for 10 count. Out of time.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Convergence coming up 5/14. Burpee challenge. Burpees during workout don’t count…huh?
Prayer/Praise – geppetto safe travels, maestro and mens hike, one hint with wisdom for his son. A great kid who’s in my prayers, praying his peers will see what an incredible young man he is, and not miss out!