Q: Geppetto

PAX: Buick, Myrtle (RR), Tattnall (R), Onehit, Maestro, Szczerbiak (R), Hacksaw

8 of us gathered in the gloom to beat the fartsack and kick off year 5 of F3 Macon!
Disclaimer: I am a volunteer and this is voluntary, modify as necessary

Bear Hugs 20 IC
Merkins 10 IC
Burpees 10 OYO

Rucked up and moseyed to the Coupon stack, overhead carry up to the track

Next up was the Tim McGraw- a mix of Indian sprints and a derkin wave. (hence the name as these were Indian outlaws) Started in a single file line on one side line and counted off the derkin wave to the back, then PAX at the end got up and ran with his block to the front and started the wave count over again. Pax stayed in a high plank unless doing a derkin or running to the front. Worked our way all the across the field to the opposite sideline.

Next up we hit our six and did some Tabata work on the track. 2-1 work vs recovery. 10 count flutter kicks, 5 count star gazer ( laying on your back looking @ the stars (credit to French Lick)) No pause in between, we did 6 reps.

Grabbed our blocks and moseyed to the wall. Next up was the WonderWall. We stacked all the blocks at one end of the wall and lined up on the wall. Then for the length of the song “Wonderwall” by Oasis (4 minutes 18 seconds) while in a wall sit we passed blocks down to one end then back again. We got through 3.5 rounds before the song ended.

Moseyed to the pile to drop off our blocks then hit a jog up to the flag for Mary

High Plank 20 IC
Knalp (back plank) (plank spelled backwards) 20 IC
American Hammer 20 IC
Flutter Kicks 20 IC

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.

Announcements – 2nd F this Saturday at Maestro’s House, look for address and signup this week on Slack. The Murph in 2 weeks on Monday, May 30th at the Institution.

Prayer/Praise – Buick Sister, Crossroads men who have left and those left behind. Geppetto and M traveling to El Salvador this Thursday.