Q: Flowmax

PAX: Zerb, Maestro, One Hit, GPS, Peaches, FNG(Bewyak)

INTRO: It was a clear starrie morning, Welcome, Disclaimer, 5 core principles – I was running short on cognitive abililty so i pretty sure i forgot some stuff…….like my flag and resistance bands….

WARM-O-RAMA: 20 rep IC – SSH, Hillbilly, Cotton Picker, 10 rep IC FBAC, 10 rep IC BBAC

THE THANG: The mini Murph – rucked to pull up bars, divided up……..
3.5 rounds of the following: with ruck, with out ruck determined by individual pax
10 pull ups
20 merkins
30 squats
jog 1 lap around practice field

rucked back to the bump
Bearcrawled it to the flag

MARY: None
Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Good friday gathering- talk to Capsize;
Prayer/Praise – Peaches daughter a place to live and a good roomate/Maestro brother in law family(Taltons) mental/emotional recovery in the aftermath of tornado/Zerb brother Tommy(ithink thats right) peace and comfort while waiting for heart surgery/ Me praise for progress for my Father’s situation