Q: Peaches

PAX: Free Bird, GPS, Zerb, Geppetto, One Hit, Maestro, French Lick

INTRO:5 Core Principles, Disclaimer

WARM-O-RAMA:SSH 1O IC, Mountain Climbers 20 OYO, 10 Bear Hugs, BAC 10 IC, LAC 10 IC RLAC 10 IC

THE THANG: (4 separate Evolutions) Ruck to Hill for 2 Merkin waves (1 then 2 Merkins COP) before completing the Triple Nickel: 5 Mike Tyson, run to top of hill 5 Merkins, run to bottom of Hill 5 Derkins. Plank till 6.
Ruck to practice field for Modified WMD Crawl, Werkins, Merkins, Diamond Merkins.
5 Werkins, 10 Bear crawl steps, 5 Merkins, 10 Bear crawl steps, 5 Merkins( no diamonds) then got back to line, same except utilizing Crawl Bear steps. Ruck to pull up bars for Six Pack. 1 pull up 5 Merkins, 2 pull ups 4 Merkins…and so on. Ruck to track for Modified Cooper: 1 lap around track, last 100 meters AYG (kind of) 2 dudes smoked me! 10 burpees, 10 Squats, 10 merkins. Ruck to Mary for Not Quite( alright I made it up) jog one short lap around parking lot before Mary.

MARY: 20 Flutter Kicks IC, 15 Gas Pumps OYO, Six Inches 10 IC, 10 WWII sit ups OYO, High Plank 10 IC

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – CSAUP All Night Ruck, Skeet Shoot – go to SLACK for details
Prayer/Praise – Thought we ask God to change our circumstances, sometimes he uses our circumstances to change us! Pray for Free Birds brother- pending move. Pray for GPS pending move, and GPS’s Mom.
Pledged it out! Love you Fellas!!!