Q: Peaches

PAX: Flomax, Geppetto, Maestro

INTRO: Welcome, 5 core principles, Disclaimer

WARM-O-RAMA:5 merkins, 5 irkins, 5 derkins oyc, BAC 10 ic, LAC 10 ic, overhead seal clap 10 ic, ruck to hill

THE THANG: Inch worm to curb at bottom of hill. Wave Merkin, 3 rounds. 6’s with pack, OYO. Merkin at bottom of hill, Bear crawl 5 squats top of hill. Run down, 2 merkins, Bear crawl 4 squats at top..and so on and so on. Got kind of real with the Bear crawl. Ruck to pull up bar for 6 pack OYO without pack( but there’s always one, with pack…guess..😂) 1 merkin 5 pull-ups, 2 merkins, 4 pull-ups….and so on. Ruck to track drop pack for 7 burpees OYO, 14 flutter kicks single count OYO, 21 merkins OYO, 28 squats OYO, jog 1 lap around track, with AYG last 100 meters…I got smoked as usual but enjoyed watching the Fellas kick that last 100. Supposed to be 4 rounds, but q ran out of time. Ruck up and mosey to Flag with one last Bear Crawl to get us to the Flag.

MARY: High Plank 30 IC, Gas Pump 10 IC, WW1 10 OYO, Hill touch 10 IC, six inches 2 IC…out of time.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – 2.0 on 4/2. Let’s show our families what keeps bringing us back! We’ll have refreshments and Fix-It is planning epic kickball! “ The Shoot” jump on slack for details, Zerb posting the inside scoop( btw he was greatly missed this morning, nursing those “Dawgs” back to health after 19 miles Friday night)!
Prayer/Praise – A prayer and praise for Flomax. His Dad is doing better and will be able to participate in a Mississippi hunting trip. This is a really big deal and God gets the glory for this one. Geppetto shared about a friend in Aiken that could use prayers for a different direction. Q shared a thought for today. Keep playing no matter where you’re at, God is making a masterpiece, just let Him! Pledged it out! One Hit is on Spring Break so I felt compelled to say “ Good work Men”