Q: Mr. Fixit

PAX: Bewyak, Sloppy Joe, Tater, One Hit, Roll Tide, French Lick, Curly, Zerbiak, Moped, Spackler, Maestro, Pony Express, SEC, Free Bird, Myrtle, Capsize, GPS, Pooh

In doing this backblast I didn’t have the option to choose “Red Dawn” but that’s exactly where this took place. I know Zerb will be all over making the change shortly but the inaugural beat down at the new AO was a doozy a went a little something like this.

Burpeee – 10 OYO
Don Quixote – 15 IC
Merkin – 15 IC
Failure to Launch – 10 IC
Hillbilly – 15 IC
Turn & Bounce – 10 each way IC
High Knees – roughly 25 yards
Butt Kicks – roughly 25 yards
Karaoke – roughly 25 yards both ways
Moseyed to back parking lot cause there are a lot of useful parking spaces

U Boat competition but with an odd number so the Q got to observe for round 1
I subbed in for Pony in round 2 but it didn’t make too much difference as somehow the other team was stacked. My team was punished with 20 SSH’s IC while winning team got to stop at 10
Then we moseyed over to this hill I’d been hearing about and she was no joke. I contemplated backpedaling up but after seeing the challenge, we tackled her head on with 15 Merkins at the top.
We then moseyed back across campus stopping for the bear crawl roughly 25 yards and flipping to a crab walk roughly 25 yards.
Headed to the practice field but picked up some coupons along the way. Finished strong with:
Cusack half way, 25 curls, continue on Cusack, 20 irkins, Cusacked back with a stop for 15 kettlebell swings
Murder Bunny half way, 20 overhead press, left coupon and moseyed to other end for 15 plank jacks, found coupon on way back for 10 squats and a murder bunny home
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Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
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