Q: Spackler

PAX: Myrtle-R, Roll Tide, One Hit, Tofu, Funion, Shooter

INTRO: Disclaimer, Mission and 5 Core Principles

15 Imperial Walkers
15 LAC- forward and reverse
15 Bear Hugs
15 Daisy Pickers

YHC saw that there was no one signed up for the Q and felt the push to V-Q a Saturday at Red Dawn and had 6 other Pax beat the fart sack and join me for a pleasant beat down. Moseyed down the practice field for:

4 stations: 20 squats, 20 oh press, 20 curls and 20 kettle bells- each with a trusty coupon

Then the fun began:

A little warm up of 55’s. 5 rounds of 5 burpees, run 25 yards and do 5 more burpees- rinse and repeat – my plan was 5 rounds but realized I was not specific in what a round was so we modified up and got a few more in than originally planned.

We gathered our coupon and did The Thang- Murder bunny to 25 – do 25 Merkins – get coupon and run backward to start
Murder bunny to 25- do 25 Merkins then Bear crawl to 50 -do 50 LBCs. Run backward to get coupon. Murder bunny to 25. BC to 50. Lunge to 75 and do 75 plank jacks and back to the coupon MB to 25. BC to 50 Lunge to 75 Sprint to the 100 and do 100 SSH and run bw to coupon. We kept going until time was called.

We ran out of time by the time we made it back to Mary.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – 1776 coming July 4th at Red Dawn
Prayer/Praise – Prayed for all the Pax traveling. Thankful for this.community we are a part of and embrace it. We each have our burdens and the devil will try to isolate and beat us down, but we have each other to lean on and most importantly we have Jesus, who overcome the world, and he has us in his hands. Love you brothers!