Q: Szczerbiak

PAX: Flow Max, OneHit, Maestro, Myrtle, Bewyack, Billy Jean, Funion, Spackler, Mr. Fixit, Jorts, Freebird, French Lick, SEC, Szczerbiak

** Red Dawn **

Disclaimer – Given
Core Principles – Stated
Mission Statement: Given by Spackler – Word Perfect:
“To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.”

Weed Pickers – 12 IC
BAC – 12 IC
LAC – 12 IC
Imperial Walkers – 12 IC

We moseyed around the parking lot then down toward the girls softball field in a “Follow the Leader” fashion snaking up and down the hill on our way to the coupons for:
A Half Iron Pax or what I called “IP 0.5”, it went like this:

Timed Event – 26 Minutes to complete:
8 Sets / 12 Reps Coupon Curls
7 Sets / 12 Reps Squats
6 Sets / 12 Reps Coupon Overhead Press
5 Sets / 12 Reps Coupon Kettle Ball Swings
4 Sets / 12 Reps Merkins
3 Sets / 12 Reps Coupon Squat Thrusts
2 Sets / 12 Reps Bonnie Blairs
1 Set / 12 Reps Blockie / Man Maker
After each 12 count exercise run 25 yards and do 1 burpee and return for next exercise.

I believe all PAX completed the sequence, leaving us time for:

Dora 1-2-3
Partner Up
Partner one works on:
100 – LBC
200 – American Hammer
300 – Flutter Kicks (single count)
While the second partner pulls a weighted sled (45 pounds) approx. 50 yards and back.

After completing Dora, we set to work on a the “Power King 20.5-25” a 360 pound all weather, industrial loaded tire. It was thought to be immovable by YHC, yet the the first PAX flipped it, then the second, third and so forth and even YHC flipped it after only budging it last night during black ops. Every PAX took a turn and all PAX made the flip. Amazing how we make each other better!

After tire flipping, we started back toward the flag, stopping at back stair for calf raises – 5 each step (13 steps), then mosey to Marry.

Turkish Get Ups – 15 IC.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – 1776 Workout on July 4th.
Prayer/Praise – Erica Guy Family – Job situation, Flow Max’s wife returning from women’s conference, Sloppy Joe on Mission Trip, Tater’s Deployment, Funions grandmother