Q: Maestro

PAX: One-Hit Wonder, Hot Rod Roll Tide, Sweet Potato Salad


4 handsome dudes showed up with no reservations for themselves but trusting in the 5 core principles. One being held outdoors hear or cold, rain or shine. There is nothing more invigorating than pushing yourself in the rain!

Im not sure why these beatdowns are the most memorable. It’s possible that it gives us a since of being in battle together. All the men around us have fallen off and it’s only us that’s are left to fight the war. It’s a beautiful thing.

YHC is not the fastest or strongest in f3 but I always find my self emboldened when it’s pouring rain. Although I can’t keep up with some of you pax I can show up in the rain. By doing that one thing I feel on par with the grandfathers of F3Macon.

As we gathered and looked at each other we all sensed that this would be a memorable beat down and it was. YHC started promptly at 7:00 cutting off one-hits encounter with a puppy dog story.

Bear hug ic 10
Squat ic 10
Big arm circles ic 10
Merkins ic 10
Slow mosey to what we all knew was coming

The mile
On the track a round of squats ic 10
Mosey to the pull-up bars for two rounds of mini Murph
Mosey to the hill for 10 hill sprints and 20 monkey humpers just before.
Mosey to the crosswalk just above for:
3 rounds of 4 corners
20 merkins
20 plank jacks
10 double count Bonnie Blair’s
20 double count Freddy Mercury’s

Mosey to the benches
20 double count step ups
20 irkins
20 Derkins

Mosey to interior benches
10 step ups double count
10 irkins
10 derkins

Heels to heaven ic 10
Dying cockroach ic 20
LBC’s ic 20
Flutter kicks ic 20

Count-O-Rama Tater didn’t won’t to do it, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – 4 year 👀
Prayer/Praise –
Lots of good Shari g this morning
Mainly for our families and that we would be leaders as God designed