Q: Roll Tide

PAX: One Hit, Mr. Fix It, Alter Boy, Peaches (R), Maestro, Polaroid, Spackler (R), Curly, Bagpipes, Tater Salad, French Lick


5 Core Principles


Bear Hug x 10 ic
Cotton Pickers x 10 ic


Mosey a short distance
Backwards bear crawl up the hill clock merkins at 12, 3, 6, & 9 x 10 then bear crawl down the hill. Rinse and repeat cutting everything in half but only after 10 merkins at the bottom.

Mosey around a bit more and do 1 minute AMRAP squats

Mosey up to the football field for the bearmuda games

Cheetah sprint race 50 yards while the rest of the pax plank.
winner do 3 burpees
losers do 10 burpees

We then continued our theme of spurring each other to push hard with a quarter mile race.
The last 3 winners competed in a friendly game of duck duck goose.
Tater cut a corner (Wendy’s does not approve) and won the bearmuda games.

We moseys back to down to the pull up bars for a bearmuda triangle that had nothing to do with bear crawling.

Corner 1 AMRAP pull ups and lunge walk approx. 100 yards
Corner 2 AMRAP Merkins and bernie to corner 3
Corner 3 AMRAP Squats and sprint back to corner 1

Circle up for Mary

J Lo x 12 ic
Heels to Heaven x 10 ic
Lazy Boy American Hammer x 16 ic
LBC x 10 ic
J Lo x 10 ic
AMRAP Big Boi Sit ups x 60 secs

Alter Boy 6th man Thank you
Many praises around the circle this morning!
Prayer request for those on spring break and for men in the tension to still feel the peace of God.