Q: Roll Tide

PAX: Tickle (FNG), Peaches (R), Maestro, Curly, Olaf, Mr. Fix It, Tater Salad

INTRO: We started with the disclaimer and nothing else. The warm up was awkward to start because we did:

Dancing coconuts x ?
Tweety Bird x 10 oyo
SSH x 10 ic
Trunk rotations x 10 each direction ic
Mosey up to Library for an AMRAP merkins for 45 seconds
Then we moseyed up to the soccer field for AMRAP squats for 45 seconds
At the bottom of Hill De Nacho we did 45 seconds of Big Boi Sit ups

We then Bernie’ed up the hill 3 times and on the third time down we were bear crawling.
Rinse and Repeat

Then we backwards bear crawled up the hill to a COP wave merkin for 7 rounds.

From there moseyed to a 50 yard lunge walk
100 yard sprint
150 yard mosey

Then the real fun began.

Dora 123
100 – pull ups
200 – merkins
300 – squats
P1 exercises while P2 does a run

Burpee block jump overs for the 6.

Mosey back to Mary via ascending calf raises 1 -10
Flutter kick for the 6

Leg Raises x 20 oyo
J Lo’s x 12 ic
Catheter’s (whatever happened to that guy) oblique blasters x 10 ic each side
LBC x 10 ic
American Hammers x 7 ic
Robbed the men of 10 seconds at the end. Bad timing prep on my part.

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements –
2.0 Next weekend at the Institution
6th Man was Curly
The creative juices were flowing this morning as tickle got named!

Prayer/Praise – Fix It and Curly
Coffeeteria attended by 5 PAX