Q: Tater

PAX: OneHit, Sczerbiak, Lobos, Peaches, GPS, Free Bird, SEC, Queso (welcome back Cotter), Meastro

Disclaimer, 5 core principles, and a on the fly modification to the whole beatdown due to field conditions

Put me in coach
In and outs
Hillbilly rockette

THE THANG: Had a great game of whiffle ball planned but was postponed until next week. Modified anyways and the beatdown commenced.

Mosey to benches

EMOM (3 stepburps)
100 irkins
50 dips
100 dollys
50 lunges
Get it all in by 12 minutes

Mosey to grab coupons and set up at pavilion

3 rounds choice of 2 exercises to get 100 cumulative reps. Pax choice on which exercise of the 2 to do the most of. Followed by 100 yard block carry
100 hand release merkins and BBSU
100 SSH and pull ups
100 thrusters and jump overs

Coupon mosey to high jump pad

4 corners with blocks staying in the center
Corner 1 25 merkins
Corner 2 25 Peter Parkers
Corner 3 25 alternating plank lift
Corner 4 25 squats
Start in any corner, do reps, bear crawl in, 15 curls, jog out to next corner. Rinse and repeat until complete with all 4 corners

Coupon mosey to return to stack

Partner pull-ups (time filler). P1 5 pull-ups P2 squats. Flap jack until 2 rounds complete

Mosey to Mary

6in pulses

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – all night ruck next Friday followed by whiffle ball of ending at institution
Prayer/Praise – Praise for Families and opportunities!! Thank you Jesus!