Q: Roll Tide

PAX: GPS, One Hit, Maestro, Schzerbiack, Tater, Peaches (R), Curly, Free Bird, SEC, Spackler (R), Mr. Fix It (honorary)

It was a cold start so we had a quick disclaimer and immediately took off in a mosey. Our warm up included 50 donkey kicks oyo.

We moseyed around to Hill De Nacho for:
Run backwards up the hill and back down twice.
At the top of the hill on the 2nd time up do two burpees.

Rinse and repeat for 3 sets.

Mosey back up the hill and then run in a snake like pattern up and down the hill 3 times.

At the pull up bars we:

50 pull ups
50 squat thrusters
1 lap around the practice field

50 monkey humpers
50 curb merkins
Ab exercise for the 6.

Mosey up to the steps
1-10 ascending calf raises once at 10 restart at 1
Mosey down to the 5 square dot drill perform some variation of dot drill for speed and agility training just like High School Football days (this is a doozie for cardio)

Then we:

COP 1 merkins in a wave fashion up to 12 merkins
then we did carolina dry docks for 3 rounds
After that was a bear crawl ring of fire with 12 total merkins in one evolution.
Mosey around to the short hill

Run backwards up the hill and back down twice.
At the bottom after the second time perform 12 derkins

Rinse and repeat for 3 rounds
Mosey past the flag (all about keeping the pax off balance mentally)
Stop at the entrance to the football stadium for some mary.

Crab toe touches x 12 ic
Leg raises x 12 ic
Flutter kicks x 12 ic
Flutter kicks x 12 ic
Toe touches x 12 ic
American Hammer x 12 ic
Reverse LBC x 12 ic
Big Boi Sit up x 12 oyo

Mosey back down to the flag and plank for 60 seconds

It seemed like the beatdown that just kept on giving.
6th Man was Peaches who shared from the heart.
More Praise than Prayers this morning:
Fix It successful surgery
Opportunity to raise $1000 is a big step for F3Macon
Praise for Socrates and his ability to lead his family well

YHC has been reminded how well F3 equips men to communicate. We don’t realize what a gift and resource it is for growth that prepares for other areas of life. To Q a workout serves others but in the process we are better preparing ourselves for a.)Planning b.) modifying c.) communication under stress. We are peer led but it is so much more than that. To serve another changes something within ourselves. That is where the real change starts to happen. Have a great day ya’ll. Out.