Q: OneHit

PAX: Poo, Biff, FreeBird, Smalls (FNG), Tater, Szcerb, Roll Tide, SEC, Spackler, Yard Sale, Mr. Fixit

YHC came in hot as usual and after seeing the line of cars waiting to open the gate I knew it was going to be a great day!

Principles were announced & the standard Disclaimer was made with very little fine print and we got down to business.

Big Arm Circles, Grady Corn, Chinooks, Windmills, Cotton Pickers x 12 ic
SSH x 25 ic

Mosey around parking lot through campus to some benches
step ups x 25 ic each leg
mosey over to round lot at top of hill de nacho for a couple laps of catch me if you can: Partner up
partner 1 does 10 merkins then runs to catch up to partner 2 while partner 2 runs backwards around lot and they switch when partner 1 catches partner 2.

Mosey down and around to bottom of hill de nacho for a round of 11’s involving a hill.
10 Peter Parkers at the bottom of hill, bear crawl up hill for 1 big boy situp and jog back down to the bottom of hill.
switch to 9 peter parkers, 2 big boys etc until 1 PP & 10 BBS have been done.
we then did a crawl bear (backwards bear crawl) up hill de nacho bc roll tide did it during the previous segment and i wanted to show everyone just how hard it really is even though he made it look easy like he always does.

Mosey up around and down to the pullup area for a round of pullups and burpees.
10 pull-ups, coupon carry however you want to across the practice field, 5 burpees and coupon carry back. for 5 rounds

Mosey up to golf green pavilion for a quick round of dips. 15 ic

Mosey up steps around to flag for Mary

Box cutters, hello dollys, lbc & flutter kicks 12 ic

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
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Prayer/Praise –