Q: OneHit

PAX: RollTide


With men down range and several visiting the wilderness for the return of Flathead, We only had two at the institution this morning, definitely Felt like old times, but I guarantee you the workouts sure look different.
Thx RollTide Love you brother!

Bear Hug, Cotton Picker ic x10
SSH ic x 25
Trunk rotation ic x 10 each direction
Burpees x 20 oyo
Mosey out parking lot down side of the road to other entrance and back down around campus to the pull-up bar area.

Grab 2 coupons
50 coupon presses
40 two coupon high dirkins
30 two count mountain climbers
20 dips using the two coupons
10 pull-ups
Farmer carry coupon in each hand to opposite end of practice field
50 shoulder shrugs with coupon on each hand
Farmer carry coupons back to pull-up bar area

4 sets

Mosey to Mary

Box cutter, lbc flutter kicks ic x 20
10 burpees oyo

Count o rama
Name o rama
Announcement about upcoming sleep out for daybreak and fund raising as well as a possible all night Ruck in the works.
Thankfully the Smart sacking Mr. Fixit joined us as we prayed for each one of us to be more self aware and listen to the voice of truth
Pledge it out