Q: Maestro

PAX: Lobos, peaches (respect), Olaf, One Hit, szczerbiak (respect)

As I was Laying under the sink last night at 9:30 being water boarded when it occurred to me that I may have signed up for the Q this morning. I’m glad I checked! It was when I checked that I remembered the conversation between peaches about hill de nacho and how I promised to bring him back to it.

Kind of a rambling mess but I got one out
The Ray finkle! 12 ic each leg
Bear Hug ic 12
Squat ic 12
Merkin ic 12

Small mosey around the loop
Peaches said he was winded :/

Ruck up and went to the the bottom for a squat and drop
That’s 10 lunge walks and 5 merkins from cross walk to cross walk
Rucked on to hill de nacho for a round of howling monkeys
10, then 5

Pax helped q decide the fate of us all at de hill.
Partner up:
One partner does LBC’s
Second partner sprints to top of
hill for 7 man-makers. Continued on until each pax had completed 7 rounds descending by one man maker each round

At de hill found a curb
Ruck Mike Tyson – Amrap

Ruck Mosey to the flag but YHC could not pass up some beautiful benches
Derkin 10 ic

American Hammers ic 16

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – look out for news letter coming to your email, check out Sags new competition between AO’s. I think I’m winning already 😂.
Prayer/Praise – Lobos
Was our 6th Man
One Hit shared about attacks on his family
Szczerbiak shared about a battle with the Queen (Qsource check it out)

Pledge it out