Q: Mr. Fixit

PAX: Roll Ride, Curly, Free Bird, Spackler(respect), Zerbiak(respect), Mr. Miagi(respect), One Hit, Maestro, SEC

Unusually warm December morning but awesome day to get out and suffer through one with some brothers. We got after it early and kept the pedal down the whole way. There was a little discussion about splashing merlot but thankfully I didn’t have to witness that or I may have joined in. Love you guys and enjoyed it as always! -Mr. Fixit

SSH – 25 IC
Toe Touch – 10 IC
Prime Time Merkin – 15 IC each leg
Tie Fighters – 10 IC each leg
Turn and Bounce – 10 IC each way
Trunk Rotation – 10 IC each way
Cotton Picker – 15 IC
Moseyed roughly half mile through parking lot and down to football field for:

Quarter Pounder
– run from goal line to 25 and do 25 merkins then backpedal to goal line
– run from goal line to 50 and do 50 squats then backpedal to goal line
– run from goal line to opposite 25 and do 75 plank jacks then backpedal to goal line
– run from goal line to opposite goal line and do 100 SSH’s then backpedal to goal line
– run 300 meters around track and do 25 merkins
– run 200 meters around track and do 25 squats
– run 100 meters around track and do 25 SSH’s
Bear crawled roughly 50 yards and lunged roughly 50 yards to finish line
Then moseyed over to coupons to complete the beat down with:
– Kusack to other side of field
– 20 curls IC
– 15 Derkins IC
– 15 Curls IC
– 15 Irkins IC
– Kusack back and put coupons up for mosey back to flag

American Hammer – 20 IC
Heels to Heaven – 20 IC
Not so lazy boy – 1 minute
Snowflake Plank – 1 minute

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – F3 supporting local family with Christmas(see previous Band posts), Christmas Eve Ruck from About Face 5:15 to The Wilderness for 6AM prayer and worship
Prayer/Praise – Gods timing in every area of our life. There were praises and concerns but in the end, we know God has a plan for all of it and that the story is good no matter what. Keep pushing forward men because each of us needs the other man standing beside us.