Q: Maestro

PAX: Tater, Mr. Fix It, szerbiak

INTRO: a brisk morning kept some pax cuddling in the fart sack with the M. Some pax decided to drink hot coffee as they waited for their bed hair to settle down, some had good intentions but just couldn’t make it. Then there was YHC and three other men who could not be held back. Each of these pax had already logged minimum 3 bootcamp’s throughout the week and just could not get enough. There was good chatter and all pax were eager to take on whatever the Q called out


All IC 12
Big arm circles
Bear hugs
Imperial Walkers
Mosey to track

1/2 mile mosey

Mosey to coupons

Overhead press 25 oyo
4 corners – irrkin/derkin
Grab block go to each corner completing a irkin, derkin, irkin, derkin
Overhead press oyo 25

To the pull up bars
Amrap pull-ups while partner does flutter kicks 3 rounds

Mosey to Slaughter hill/ hill de nacho/ the grand poo ba of hills

Right quad stretch/ left quad stretch ic 10
Sprint up the hill
10x all together

At top of hill mosey back around to bottom of hill again.
Howling Monkeys 10 oyo cop
Round of 7’s
Squats at bottom and top

Right calf/ left calf stretch ic 10

Mosey to steps
Splash ascending calf raises
Hold plank

Mosey to flags


Flutter kick ic 25
6” leg lift ic 25

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – look for Thanksgiving beatdown plans
Prayer/Praise – maestro thankful for good week, Fix It step day Billy loosing eye sight, szerbiack was thankful for some encouragement this week.

Headed over and had coffeteria met up with Roll tide, Spackler, and Shannon (soon to be fng)