Q: Mr. Fixit

PAX: SEC, Kudzu, Curly, Tater Tot, Pooh, Spackler(respect), Szerbiak(respect), Rambler, Roll Tide

INTRO: Sunrise roughly 7AM these days making for a cool but beautiful and definitely tolerable morning. Pax came bundled up and layered but wasn’t long before gloves and hats were strewn about all over the place. I even saw a few beads of sweat. A true sense of accomplishment for the Q when you see perspiration in 40 degree temps.

SSH – 25 IC
Bear Hug – 20 IC
SSH – 20 IC
Mountain Climber – 20 IC
SSH – 15 IC
Cotton Picker – 15 IC
SSH – 10 IC
Plank Jack – 20 OYO
SSH – 5 IC
Thigh Master – 10 IC each leg

No Mercy Mile
– 4 laps around track look like this:
25 merkins going into a curve, skip half the curve, lunge the other half
25 squats coming out of the curve and jog the straightaways

Snowflake Plank – 1.5 minutes
Imperial Walker – 25 IC

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – Thanksgiving Day Ultimate Frisbee 7AM at Institution
– North Macon Park cleanup Saturday the 27th
Prayer/Praise – SEC’s Mom for beating cancer and a recent clean bill of health
Northway Church youth safe travels on retreat