Q: Roll Tide

PAX: One Hit, Tater, Fix It, SEC, Curly, Chavez (FNG)

INTRO: Humpty Dumpty and YHC’s first attempt at a riddle inspired by Jocko’s new book Final Spin.


Cotton Picker x 10 ic
Trunk rotations x 5 ic each direction
Overhead Claps x 10 ic
Ballerina Squats x 10 ic
Bear Hugs x 10 ic


YHC promised to visit Hill de Nacho, Lt. Dan and Luke the Duck walker so we moseyed down around the bend and at the first speed bump we started duck walking up the hill. This was an indian style duck walk to give the pax some relief. We went up the hill to the second speed bump and then moseyed on to Le Hill De Nacho. At the top of the hill we looked down and proceed to bear crawl down the hill and do 10 derkins before bear crawling backwards back up the hill and doing 10 star jacks. We did 3 evolutions of that exercise.

Next we played catch me if you can. P1 did 12 diamond merkins while P2 backwards ran around the race track. One P1 did his merkins and chased down P2, P2 would then do his merkins and chase down P1. We did this for 3 laps. It worked out to about 72 diamond merkins.

To catch our breath we circled up and did 25 sky pokers and 25 LBC’s

We then moseyed to the bottom of the brick stair case and circled up for a COP wave style. We did 25 Ballerina Squats so it looked like the wave. Then we did 25 mexican jumping beans in the same fashion. Followed by 10 monkey humpers in the same fashion. We then did ascending calf raises to 10.

At the top of the hill we rendezvoused with Lt. Dan 1 squat and 4 lunges (single count) up to 7 squats and 28 lunges. We then crab walked 25 yards or so and began to mosey back toward our vehicles.

Along the way we got sidetracked at the pull up bars where the PAX curl walked a coupon out 25 yards and then returned to the bars. At the bars the PAX were given a choice of 25 pull ups or 25 2 count American Hammers. Then they were to sprint to their block and murder bunny it back to the pile.

From there we ran back to the cars.


For Mary we started with:
LBC’s 20 ic
Leg Raises x 20 ic
Toe Touches x 20 ic
Reverse LBC x 20 ic
Flutter kicks x 21 ic
LBC x 7 ic

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – 60/40 pax split on coffee or heading to FPD to support Campus Clubs 5k trail race.
Prayer/Praise – Chasen’s life changing decision to ask for help with an addiction
Ray – went to the hospital this morning for O2.