Q: Tater Salad

PAX: Sczerbiak, Yoshi, OneHit, Peaches

INTRO: disclaimer and wind mumble chatter

SSH, Randy’s, sumo jump squats

Rosey to track (Ruck Mosey)

THE THANG: 4 ALARM for drill alternating Ruck

ALARM 1 (no Ruck)
Grady Corn 25 IC
Lunge 25 IC
Run 100m
Prime time Merkin 25 SC
Run back

ALARM 2 (w/ Ruck)
Upright Rows 25 IC
Front squats 25 SC
OH flutters 25 IC
Run w/ ruck100m
Merkins 25 SC
Run back w/ ruck

ALARM 3 (No Ruck w/ 1 exception)
Burpees 25
Mountain Climbers 25 IC
Ruck Side bends 25 each side
Run 200m
Hand release Merkins 25 SC
Run back

ALARM 4 (w/ Ruck) modified reps to 15 for time
Curls 15 SC
Thrusters 15 SC
Front BBSU 15 w/ Ruck on chest SC
Run 200m w/ ruck
Werkins 15 SC
Run back w/ Ruck. Instead we Rosied to Mary

MARY: gas pumps, Iron cross flutter kicks

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – None
Prayer/Praise – Peaches cousin Lisa Satterfield battling cancer. Prognosis is grim but pray God brings peace to her and her family for what lies ahead.