Q: Tater

PAX: OneHit, SEC, Sczerbiak, Mr. Fix It, Peaches, Spackler, Maestro

INTRO: Disclaimer and 5 core principles

WARM-O-RAMA: Alternating Plank leg/arm lifts, Randys, and Mexican Jumping Beans

Mose to the pickup benches

The Loop
4 Total Rounds
10 Hand release Merkins
15 Lunges Total
20 Dollys
25 Hillbillies
30 LBCs
1 min AMRAP step ups (plank any style to the six)

Mosey to Concession Stand wall
10 IC chair sit leg lifts
10 IC Dirty hook ups
3 rounds

Mosey to track for What the Bleep

The core of today was to introduced the Pax to a fitness standard that measures your VO2 max. Test is called the Bleep Test (European phrase // US calls it the Beep test). Test is widely used in European military and law enforcement, soccer teams, and now being incorporated as an option in our US military.

Cones meticulously measured 20M apart. At the sound of the beep all pax start and run to second set of cones, halt and wait for next beep to run back. Continue back and forth to the beeps until you can’t keep the beep pace anymore. Once that happens note the last level you could keep pace and that’s your score. For the sake of continual exercise we had pax continue jogging between cones as able until time is maxed.

Total Elapsed time for all pax 12:34 and 12 Levels. Avg levels reached at the beep pace between all the Pax was between 5-10. Not bad for our first time out. Of note each level consists of multiple laps. For 12 levels we did 112 laps or shuttle runs. If your curious here’s the minus standard for some of the British professions.

British Army: Level 8, Lap 7
Royal Air Force: Level 9, Lap 10
Royal Marines: Level 10, Lap 5
Scotland Police Standard: Level 5, Lap 4
Police England and Wales: Level 5, Lap 4

If you want to do the test and calculate your VO2 max level here is a good website. www.topendsports.com/testing/beepcalc.htm

Mosey to Pull up bar

Coupon Training
3 Rounds where first exercise changes each round
Exercise 1: Colt 45s/15 side bends each side/15 kettle bell swings
Exercise 2: 20 OH presses/-/-
Exercise 3: 10 Tricep Extensions/-/-

Flutter kicks at Q pace

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements – None
Prayer/Praise – Peaches praise of good news on wife’s dr info. SECs brother in-law