Q: Downy

PAX: Downy, Fun Run, Run Flat, One Hit, Piggyback, Maestro

Intro. 5 Core Principles, Credo, Mission Statement. Cool, crisp although a little on the rainy side weather. The rain did not start until a little later.


Imperial Walker
Willy Mays Hays
Daisy Pickers
Quad Stretch

Mosey on down to the track for some fun HIIT running

1 mile total warmup

800m hard run
200m recovery jog
200m sprint

600m hard run
200m recovery jog
200m sprint

400m hard run
200m recovery jog
200m sprint

Approx. 1 mile cool down followed by a slow walk back to Valhalla, which the PAX were promptly punished for in the form of a downed flag. YHC’s weak shovel planting foot cost the group 25 wet burpees. Followed by 50 merkins just for fun.


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Prayers – our balance of holding our tongues versus speaking out when we know correction is needed. Praying for discernment on how best to handle challenges and for the development of character among our young people in our lives.