Q: Szczerbiak

PAX: Geppetto, Downey, Big Chick, Sloppy Joe, Myrtle, Piggy Back, Run Flat, Buick, Maestro, Free Bird, Scooter, Schrute (FNG), OneHit, Szczerbiak

Ruck Log:
Temperature: 30 Degrees F

Big Chick, Sloppy Joe, Myrtle, Buick, Free Bird, Schrute, Szczerbiak:
Miles: 2.02
Bertha’s: 3

Pre-Pre Ruck Ruck:
Geppetto, Downey, Run Flat, Maestro, Scooter, OneHit
Miles 8.9

We talked about the 4th Foundational Q-Point: LDP – Leadership Development Process. We discovered there are 4 essential phases in your personal leadership development:

1. Schooling
2. Apprenticeship
3. Opportunity
4. Failure

The Rucks on Saturday are part of your “Schooling”. You can also read the Q-source OYO or read other leadership books. Apprenticeship happens at F3 each time you come to the workout and you are not the Q. At F3 you have an opportunity each week to Q a workout – simply sign up at this link: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-6KC3adK8iGfbbx_tDZ8B-NcAKh8qIHAnl9K543_SpM/edit#gid=1042889623

A lot of people are afraid of failure – but failure is essential. Failure is an integral part of learning and advancing – if you are not failing you are not reaching your potential.

Here is a link to the Qsource reading material:

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
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