Q: Szczerbiak

PAX: Spackler, Geppetto, Maestro, One Hit, Run Flat, Buick, Sloppy Joe, Scooter, SEC, Szczerbiak

Ruck Log: 2.5 Miles
Berthas: 1
Temperature: 30 degree F

We walked carrying heavy weights through the trails at Red Dawn. We talked about the weekly QPoint – Groups. Many Ruckers carried extra community weight in preparing for GROWRUCK – see link below for details.

YHC wasn’t sure how to apply this Qpoint to his life, but through collaboration with his team of PAX it became clear.

This is what we learned: There are 3 types of groups: 1. Community, 2 Organization, 3 Teams. A team is 2 or more people who live in close proximity and have a defined mission. Organizations have a mission, but are not proximate, and Communities just live close to one another.

F3 is a team. F3’s mission is to Plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. If we are not developing leaders, then we are just a club.

You and your wife are a team (not a community) – you should have a mission.

Here is the link to the QPoint:

Here is the link for more information on GROWRUCK DC:

Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.
Announcements –
Prayer/Praise – Geppetto is speaking today – we prayed that he would have clarity of thought and speak well, for open hearts for the listeners.