Q: Szczerbiak

PAX: Big Chick, Myrtle (RR), Dill, One Hit, Scooter, Szczerbiak

QSource Ruck

Ruck Log:
Miles – 2.33
Bertha’s x1
Temp 32

We completed the 2 mile loop then introduced Dill and Big Chick to Bertha since they’ve never had the pleasure.

The QSource topic today was “Language”. YHC, even after reading the qpoint, was not sure how language pertained to leadership. Consequently, he joined forces with his comrades, bearing a burden of heavy loads on his shoulders, to uncover the significance of this matter.

We uncovered the fact that there is often a discrepancy in the meanings individuals assign to words. That good communication using precise, well defined words + Tone + Body Language have great power and will help a PAX lead effectively.

Scooter ended the COT conversation with a great “Dad Joke” that effectively summed up the conversation.

Here is a link to this week’s qpoint:

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